Alex Maxwell is the first artist to be signed to Universal Records in the UK, with her first single "Drive" sounding like a lost contribution to a David Lynch soundtrack. An ominous, melancholic, brooding track that oozes sex and tragedy.
From Director, Tim Fox:
"Sometimes a video can be interpreted any number of ways from listening to the lyrics, but in this case it painted such a vivid image of some menacing drive filled with heartache, lust and passion. I imagined an unexplained drama, the consequences of a wild night tearing up the city. Fugitives on the run, or a romantic heist gone wrong."
"The Lynchian-style of "Drive" led me to explore films such as Natural Born Killers and Drugstore Cowboy, even naming the main character Dillon, after Matt Dillon. I love film noir also, for it's unashamed use of style over substance. Coming from a design background, my concern was often focussed on framing, composition and use of negative space. Colour played an important role too - despite it being set at night, I wanted to accentuate colour wherever possible, using neon lighting and playful silhouetting. I suppose it's worth mentioning the obvious film reference, Nicolas Winding Refn "Drive" at this point."
"I left the narrative intentionally loose, not fully revealing whether Alex' character was real or a distant memory. It is not fully explained whether Dillon is driving away, or towards something, or someone."
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